Run + Walk = Fun
April 6, 2024
10K 8:30am, 5K/Walk 8:45am
Leonardtown, MD
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Online Registration Closed
Packet Pickup Friday 9 am - 4 pm

Online registration is closed to allow time to prepare our t-shirts and bibs for packet pickup on Friday.

You can register in person on Friday between 9 am and 4 pm during packet pickup
or Saturday between 7 am and 8 am at the race site.

Leonard Hall Recreation Center
23145 Leonard Hall Dr Leonardtown, MD 20650

Thanks for supporting Hospice of St. Mary's.

Walk Start Photo


Race day registration $40, Children six and under free.


5K Run, 10K Run, Fun Walk. Something for everyone.

Course subject to change

Race Results


5K Run

One loop through streets of historic Leonardtown, MD.


10K Run

One loop stretching around a rural, country road course.


Fun Walk

One loop through streets of historic Leonardtown, MD


Defender's Cup

A 5K Run Team Competition

5K Run - 8:45am

One loop through the streets of beautiful and historic Leonardtown, MD.

Course subject to change


5K Run Map
Run Start

5K Run Turn by Turn Directions

  • Leave Start on Leonard Hall Drive
  • Left on Hollywood Road
  • Right on Doctors Crossing Way
  • Right on Miss Bessie Drive
  • Right on Moakley Street
  • Follow to end to turnaround cone
  • Stay straight on Moakley until the next turnaround cone
  • Right on Miss Bessie Drive
  • Left on Doctors Crossing Way
  • Left on Hollywood Road
  • Right on Baldridge
  • Left on Leonard Hall Drive to Finish

10K Run - 8:30am

One loop stretching around rural, country road course.

Course subject to change

Fun Walk - 8:45am

One loop through the streets of beautiful and historic Leonardtown, MD.

Course subject to change

Course Map

Walk Map
Walk Start

Walk Turn by Turn Directions

  • Leave Start on Leonard Hall Drive
  • Left on Hollywood Road
  • Continue Straight on Washington Street
  • Left on Courthouse Drive
  • Right on Camalier Drive
  • Left on Tudor Place
  • Left on Breton Bay Drive
  • Right on Camalier Drive
  • Right on Court House Drive
  • Left on Fenwick Street
  • Right on Washington Street
  • Continue Straight on Hollywood Road
  • Right on Baldridge
  • Left on Leonard Hall Drive to Finish

Defender's Cup

A 5K Run Team Competition.


Defender's Cup Trophy

2024 Dedication - Felix de Weldon
Pax River’s "Monument Man"

Felix de Weldon Iwo Jima Memorial Sculpting Iwo Jima Memorial Iwo Jima Memorial Detail Felix de Weldon headstone

The Iwo Jima Memorial was conceived and the scale model was created aboard Patuxent River Naval Air Station by Felix de Weldon, an Austrian immigrant who volunteered for service in the US Navy after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. When AP Combat photographer Joe Rosenthal’s photo of the 2nd flag raising on Mt. Suribachi crossed the AP wire on Friday, February 23, 1945, PTR2 de Weldon was so inspired by “the will to sacrifice & the relentless determination” exhibited by the American soldiers he worked non-stop three days and nights sculpting a three-foot tall model out of the only material he could find - a combination of floor and sealing wax. In de Weldon’s hands the wax would be powerfully transformed to convey not just the incredible valor of the 5 Marines and Navy corpsman - but also embody the spirit & soul of EVERY Marine and American soldier/sailor. It would also become the model and catalyst for the most recognized & visited sculpture of the 20th century and a symbol of America's unwavering commitment to democracy and freedom. Unveiled 70 years ago the US Marine Corps War Memorial is dedicated to the Marine dead of all wars and those of other services that fell fighting beside them. It also stands as a testament that freedom isn’t free but is only possible through the devotion of the men & women who are willing to fight and die for it. The 2024 Defender's Cup is dedicated to Patuxent River's “Monument Man” Felix de Weldon and the Defenders of American Freedom- past, present, and future.

Note: You don’t have to travel to Washington DC to see one of de Weldon’s sculptures. De Weldon carved the 3000-pound life-size marble crucifix in the St. Nicholas Chapel and the chapel bell is the bell salvaged from the light aircraft carrier USS Attu (CVE-102) which participated in the Battle of Iwo Jima.

De Weldon presenting a plaster cast of the  wax sculpture created at Pax to President Truman. AP combat photographer Joel Rosenthal is on the right


A tribute to the men and women who work in support of our National Defense. A trophy sponsored by some of the Nations top Defense Contractors – companies that are committed to providing safety and security for our Troops and our Country in an unpredictable world.

Initially born out of appreciation of the Navy’s presence at the Patuxent River Naval Air Station in Southern Maryland- since its inauguration the Defender’s Cup competition has evolved into a popular and patriotic event competed for by both Military and Civilian teams from all over the region. The Defender’s Cup honors and commemorates the hard work, sacrifice and commitment of the men and women who Protect our Liberty, Guarantee our Freedom, and Safeguard our Future.

The winning Team will have their name and year engraved on a plate which is permanently attached to the trophy. In addition, the winning team is allowed to hold the trophy for one year.


This 5K Run Team Trophy competition is open to teams comprised of either Active/Retired and/or Reserve/National Guard Duty Military personnel (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard) Department of Defense (DoD) Civil Servants, Defense Contractor Employees and immediate family members who are amateur runners. CAC, military identification, proof of employment and proof of identity for immediate family members will be required for application.

Teams must designate a Captains/POC who should contact the Defender’s Cup Coordinator to register their team for the event.

All teams must have at least 4 participants and there must be (at least) 1 female member per team.

An organization may field multiple teams.

The winning team will be determined by the fastest mean time of the teams top four runners in the 5K run event (must include the female entrant’s time).

5K Run Turn by Turn Directions

  • Leave Start on Leonard Hall Drive
  • Left on Hollywood Road
  • Right on Doctors Crossing Way
  • Right on Miss Bessie Drive
  • Right on Moakley Street
  • Follow to end to turnaround cone
  • Stay straight on Moakley until the next turnaround cone
  • Right on Miss Bessie Drive
  • Left on Doctors Crossing Way
  • Left on Hollywood Road
  • Right on Baldridge
  • Left on Leonard Hall Drive to Finish

Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions. We have answers.

Leonardtown is located in historic St. Mary's County, MD about 60 miles south of Washington, D.C.

The event is held at the St. Mary's County Governmental Center. The nearest address to the Start/Finish line is 23110 Leonard Hall Drive, Leonardtown, MD 20650
Anyone can form a team. It's as simple as getting friends, family or co-workers together and designating/indicating a team name on the entry form.
Yes. Well behaved dogs on leashes are permitted.
Pre-Registration is recommended and most popular, but same day registration is available from 7:00 a.m. - 8:00 a.m.
The Run and Fun Walk will be held "Rain or Shine".
Race results are announced after completion of the race. Awards will be presented at that time. Race results will be posted on this web site within 24 hours.
Children 6 and under are permitted free. (Parents or legal guardians must sign a waiver releasing Hospice and all event sponsors).
Race packet pickup is available on the Friday before Race Day from 9 am - 4 pm at the Leonard Hall Recreation Center on the grounds of the St. Mary's County Governmental Center at 23145 Leonard Hall Dr. Leonardtown, MD 20650. Race Packets may also be picked up on Race Day in the Drill Hall (same location as Race Day Registration).
We encourage everyone to arrive early. Race day registration begins at 7:00 a.m. Please arrive no later than 8:00 a.m. to pick up your race packet.
Parking is available at the Governmental Center and at St. Mary's Hospital. PLEASE CARPOOL if possible. Reducing the amount of traffic in and around the Governmental Center will increase the efficiency and safety of the race.
No, All parking is within walking distance of the start line.


We couldn't have this event without the support of our sponsors.
Find out how your company can become a sponsor.


A brief history of the Run & Fun Walk.

  • Our Humble Beginnings

    1st March 24, 1996

    Our Humble Beginnings

    The 1st Annual Maryland Day Run & Fun Walk was held on Sunday, March 24, 1996 at St. Mary's Ryken High School.

  • On The Move

    2nd March 22, 1997

    On The Move

    The Run & Fun Walk moves to it's current location at the Governmental Center in Leonardtown.

  • Maryland my Maryland

    3rd March 21, 1998

    Maryland my Maryland

    Third time's the charm.

  • Running like it's 1999

    4th March 28, 1999

    Running like it's 1999

    Maryland my Maryland again...

  • Crabby

    5th March 25, 2000


    No Y2K problems here. Held on Maryland Day.

  • Saturday Evening Post

    6th March 24, 2001

    Saturday Evening Post

    A new 10K run and a Norman Rockwell inspired logo for the 6th Annual Run & Fun Walk.

  • Our True Colors

    7th March 23, 2002

    Our True Colors

    2002 brought a patriotic theme as we remember the events of 9/11 and honor those who were lost.

  • Going The Distance

    8th March 29, 2003

    Going The Distance

    We never run alone.

  • Together

    9th March 27, 2004


    Running side by side.

  • A New Spring

    10th April 9, 2005

    A New Spring

    The Run & Fun Walk moves to April.

  • A Starfish is Born

    11th April 8, 2006

    A Starfish is Born

    The iconic Starfish logo makes its debut as the official brand of the Run & Fun Walk.

  • The Old Line State

    12th April 21, 2007

    The Old Line State

    Maryland flag inspired colors for this year's theme.

  • Lucky 13

    13th April 18, 2008

    Lucky 13

    Nothing but good luck for the 13th Annual Run & Fun Walk

  • Feeling Fit

    14th April 18, 2009

    Feeling Fit

    Working harder, getting stronger.

  • A Banner Year

    15th April 17, 2010

    A Banner Year

    Finish strong.

  • Golden Event

    16th April 16, 2011

    Golden Event

    The 16th was held on the 16th. We celebrated by hitting the road.

  • Love Is All You Need

    17th April 14, 2012

    Love Is All You Need

    A Beatles inspired theme from the Summer of Love.

  • Award Winning

    18th April 13, 2013

    Award Winning

    We thought we deserved a medal.

  • Carrying The Torch

    19th April 12, 2014

    Carrying The Torch

    Inspired by the Olympics we're going for the gold.

  • Hitting Our Stride

    20th April 11, 2015

    Hitting Our Stride

    Celebrating 20 years.

  • Viva Las Vegas

    21st April 9, 2016

    Viva Las Vegas

    We got lucky with the weather but that's how we roll.

  • Maryland Pride

    22nd April 8, 2017

    Maryland Pride

    Running for Maryland and St. Mary's County.

  • A Wharf with a View

    23rd April 14, 2018

    A Wharf with a View

    Celebrating Leonardtown's Scenic Waterfront

  • Solid Gold

    24th April 13, 2019

    Solid Gold

    That's Gold Jerry! Gold!

  • Silver At Last

    25th April 23, 2022

    Silver At Last

    Better late than never.

  • Moving Forward

    26th April 15, 2023

    Moving Forward

    Back on track.

  • Full speed ahead

    27th April 6, 2024

    Full speed ahead

    Join us on April 6th for the 27th Run & Fun Walk.

RunForHospice Logo

Join us for the 27th Run & Fun Walk for Hospice of St. Mary's, taking place on Saturday, April 6, 2024. This event, which includes the following activities: 5K Run, 10K Run, and Fun Walk, has been a staple since its inception in 1996, thanks to the dedication of community volunteers. Over the years, it has expanded significantly, featuring the world-famous brunch, included in your registration.

All proceeds from this event go directly to support Hospice of St. Mary’s, a non-profit organization that offers hospice and bereavement services to the residents of St. Mary’s County and their families. When faced with the challenges of caring for a loved one with a life-limiting illness, difficult decisions arise, including when to consider hospice care. Too often, individuals experience increased symptoms and frequent hospitalizations during declining health, detracting from their quality of life. Hospice offers a compassionate and less stressful alternative, enabling patients to live their remaining time as fully and comfortably as possible.

2024 In Memory Of

Memory Bib

Pop & MomMom Abell, Edward Stetyick, Grandpop VC, John Blake, Bob Allard, Earle and Selma Fritz, Doreen Mckean, James Malik, Annette Marie Gisoldi, Bruce Caracaus, Florence Whitten, Helen Foster, Andrew Samborski, Debra Gray, Henrietta (Cathy) Garrow & Richard Mowry Sr., Allison Kohut, Jecee Pratt, Ben Johnson, Debi Dean, Billie Morrison, Charlie Howard, Jimbo. Mike Dorothy, Antonio de Gorordo, Joseph Thompson III, Jacob and Pat Lorence, Alice Underwood, Christina Kershaw, Earl Kennedy, Trevor Pitman, Dr. Roy H. Bunales, M.D., Johnny Cameron Sr., Gertrude Younkins, Gene Hopkins Sr., Cecelia LaBrosse, Mary Rita DeLozier, George Kramer, Dr. Harold Pevey, My sister, Bobbie Goode, Karen Melissa Finch, Kathy Peters, Patricia Lee Dillow, Bernard Freeman, Jecee Leighe Pratt, Anthony Lasome, Tony Lasome, and Dorothy Rhodes, My Dad (Joe Potanka), Louis P. Leresche, Peggy Barickman, Alfonso/Francesca Jimena, My amazing mom, Sharon Weiner, Leonard and Diane Kodluboy, Patty West, S. 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