20th Annual
Run + Walk = Fun
April 11, 2015 8:30am
Leonardtown, MD
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5K Run, 10K Run, 5K Fun Walk. Something for everyone.

Past Results


5K Run

One loop through streets of historic Leonardtown, MD.


10K Run

One loop stretching around a rural, country road course.


5K Fun Walk

One loop through streets of historic Leonardtown, MD


Defender's Cup

A 5K Run Team Competition

Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions. We've got answers.

ChronoTrack Systems B-Tag is a disposable RFID tag attached to each participant's bib. By using the B-Tag, the need for chips are eliminated thus, eliminating chip assignment, cost of shipping, lost chips, secure zone for chip collection and in-accurate results due to multiple chip files. Here's more information on the B-Tag.
Anyone can form a team. It's as simple as getting friends, family or co-workers together and designating/indicating a team name on the entry form.
Yes. Well behaved dogs on leashes are permitted.
Pre-Registration is recommended and most popular, but same day registration is available from 7:00 a.m. - 8:00 a.m.
The Run and Fun Walk will be held "Rain or Shine".
Race results are announced after completion of the race. Awards will be presented at that time. Race results will be posted on this web site within 24 hours.
Children 6 and under are permitted free. (Parents or legal guardians must sign a waiver releasing Hospice and all event sponsors).
Race packet pickup is available on the Friday before Race Day from 9am - 6pm at the Leonard Hall Drill Hall on the grounds of the St. Mary's County Governmental Center on Leonard Hall Drive in Leonardtown. Race Packets may also be picked up on Race Day in the Drill Hall (same location as Race Day Registration). When you enter the drill hall pre registered race packets for Walkers are located on the right and pre registered 5K and 10K run packets are located on your left. If YOU ARE ON A TEAM your Race Packet (both runners and walkers) will be on a Team Table located at the front of the Drill Hall.
We encourage everyone to arrive early. Race day registration begins at 7:00 a.m. Please arrive no later than 8:00 a.m. to pick up your race packet.
Parking is available at the Governmental Center. PLEASE CARPOOL if possible. Reducing the amount of traffic in and around the Governmental Center will increase the efficiency and safety of the race.


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A brief history of the Run & Fun Walk.

  • 1st March 24, 1996

    Our Humble Beginnings

    The 1st Annual Maryland Day Run & Fun Walk was held on Sunday, March 24, 1996 at St. Mary's Ryken High School.

  • 2nd March 22, 1997

    On The Move

    The Run & Fun Walk moves to it's current location at the Governmental Center in Leonardtown.

  • 3rd March 21, 1998

    Third time's the charm.

  • 4th March 28, 1999

    Maryland my Maryland.

  • 5th March 25, 2000

    No Y2K problems here. Held on Maryland Day.

  • 6th March 24, 2001

    Saturday Evening Post

    A new 10K run and a Norman Rockwell inspired logo for the 6th Annual Run & Fun Walk.

  • 7th March 23, 2002

    Our True Colors

    2002 brought a patriotic theme as we remember the events of 9/11 and honor those who were lost.

  • 8th March 29, 2003

    Going The Distance

    We never run alone.

  • 9th March 27, 2004

    Running side by side.

  • 10th April 9, 2005

    A New Spring

    The Run & Fun Walk moves to April.

  • 11th April 8, 2006

    A Starfish is Born

    The iconic Starfish logo makes its debut as the official brand of the Run & Fun Walk.

  • 12th April 21, 2007

    The Old Line State

    Maryland flag inspired colors for this year's theme.

  • 13th April 18, 2008

    Lucky 13

    Nothing but good luck for the 13th Annual Run & Fun Walk

  • 14th April 18, 2009

    Feeling Fit

    Working harder, getting stronger.

  • 15th April 17, 2010

    A Banner Year

    Finish strong.

  • 16th April 16, 2011

    Golden Event

    The 16th was held on the 16th. We celebrated by hitting the road.

  • 17th April 14, 2012

    Love Is All You Need

    A Beatles inspired theme from the Summer of Love.

  • 18th April 13, 2013

    Award Winning

    We thought we deserved a medal.

  • 19th April 12, 2014

    Carrying The Torch

    Inspired by the Olympics we're going for the gold.

  • 20th April 11, 2015

    Hitting Our Stride

    Join us on April 11th for the 20th Annual Run & Fun Walk.

The Run & Fun Walk began in 1996 and has raised over $600K for Hospice of St. Mary’s County. 100% of net proceeds benefit Hospice of St. Mary’s in providing comfort, care and support of the terminally ill.

We are Southern Maryland’s biggest and best running event featuring our "World Famous Brunch", music and fun. We welcome children, strollers/baby joggers and pets.

Your presence at this event will make a difference.

2014 In Memory Of

Agnes Cecelia Wheeler James Leonard Wheeler Barbabra Gayle Mckay, Alan Bridgwater, Alberta Bowles, Alden Edwards, Alice B.Wilson, Alice Dorothy Coates, Alice Saulen, Alicen Farrell & Granny, All, And, Andrew Maxwell, Angelina Bean, Angeline Busco, Ann Guy, Ann Kalmus, Ann Smith, Arlene Cullins, Arlene Naegele, Art Echardt, Arthur Eckardt, Arthur Roche, Augie and Nancy Bosak, Aunt Rosie, Barbara Mckay, Benjamin P Johnson Sr, Bernard Jones, Bertha Clarke, Beth Oliver, Betty Frick (Grammy), Betty L. Lacey, Betty Ruble, Betty White, Bill Sluder, Billy Jo Clark, Dotty Kinkade, Blanche Laungayan, Bob & Eva Bogan, Bob Fugera (Dad), Bob Huggins, Bob and Edith Powell, Brenda Decker, Brogan Ruppert, Bruce Colby, Bruce Colby (dad), Bubbie's Lent, Bubbies Lent, Martha Johnson, Buddy Beauverd, Calvin Oliver Emmart, Caridad Gaffud, Gilbert Gaffud, Celso Gaffud, Carl "chip" Nester Melinda Gatton, Carol Kiley, Carole Pinckney, Mother, Carolyn E. Parker, Cathleen Grantland, Charles Wood, Charlie Carter, Claire Glasgow, Cleo Barr, Clyde Morgan, Colleen Adair, James Adair, Edith Yops, Jeanah Turner, D. Lain, Dale Downey, Daniel Burch, Darlene Aud Sweeney, Darrell Dewey, Dave Beall, David Antemann, David L. Abell Sr., David Major, David Mattingly, David Raulerson, Dd, Diane Frericks, Dice West; Jean West; Patty West;, Dick Wernecke, Dickie Mattingly, Don Summers, Donald Beberniss, Sr., Donald Schmader, Dorothy Lagana, Dorothy Young, Dotty Lefevre, Douglas Walters, Dr. Robert Mcfarland, E, Glenn Shelow / Violet Joan Shelow, E, Glenn Shelow / Violet Joan Shelow, Ed Kaleta & Grace Robb, Edna Dean, Eileen And Peter Fallon, Elizabeth Brown, Elizabeth Hall, Elizabeth Myers, Elmer Gatton, Elmo Bates Margaret Bates, Erin Lynn Kimler, Ernie (pops) Livingston, Ernie Bean, Ernie Livingston, Etta Cox And Ray Hodges, Eugene & Betty Youell, Evelyn Urich, Everett Glen Shelon / Violet Joan Shelon, Florence And John, Foxy Granny, Frances Abell, Frances Freeman, Leo Raulerson, David Raulerson, Frances Freeman, Leo Raulerson, Janie Lyles, David Raulerson, Francis Polly Abell Catherine Mattingly, Frank Bonnevier, Frank Boyce/TomSkelley, Frank Cardascia Bill Lauderbaugh, Frank Mccrone, Frank Starr Gatton, Frank Veve, Fred Breslin, Fred Reynolds, Gene A. Hopkins Sr., George B. Sage, George Gass, Gerry Davis, Gladys Sheehan / Mary Frances Norris, Gladys Sheehan/ Mary Frances Norris, Glo Beauvais, Grandma Owens, Grandpa Luddy, Great Grandma Owens, Gregory Armstrong, Grover Blair & Edward Vanderwal, Harriet Norris (nana), Harry Knight, Harry Koehler / Leah Koehler, Hazel Thomas, Hazel Ward, Helen Anthony, Horty Dunn "Nana", Ida Quade, Irby Burbage, Irina Timoshenko, Olga Baranova, Maryann Macfarlane, Irina Prilutskaya, Jack And Reba Frazier, James And Annelore Alfiere Jr., James Aubrey Mattingly, James Concannon, James Dobry, James L. "Sonny" Bartz, James Lacy Sr, James Linn, James Meador, Sandra Meador, Steve Mccullen, James Raley, Janet Vo, Janice Cain, Janie Kelley And Calvin Williams, Jeanne Moore, Jeanne Payne, Jeanne Payne & Catherine Norris, Jeff Gustafson, Betty Wash, Jenny Armstrong, Jerold Ray Atkinson, Jerry, Jerry Nicholson, Jesus Zarate, Jim "Mopjack" Nelson, Jim Goldsborough, Jim Hartig, Jim Linn, Jim Raley, Jim Sanborn, John And Marie Grant, John And Wink Gateau, John David Beavan, John Fitzgerald, John Hanson Briscoe, John Hanson Briscoe, Sylvia Ilona Briscoe, John L.Cameron, John Wayne Hill, John Webster Knott, Joseph E. Milburn, Sr., Joseph Herbert, Ann Jones, Joseph Longacre, Joseph Lore Kersey Alton Sills Kersey, Joseph Regiald "reggie" Tarleton, Joyce Bailey, Julie Klann, June Hobbs, June Scanlon, Karen Beckham, Katherine Frazier, Katherine G. Welch Robert C. Sullivan, Katherine Mattingly, Kathy Kolbe, Kathy Seward, Keith Fretwell, Kevin Arthur Lent, Kevin Kelly, Kevin Lent, Kevin Lent (bubbies), Kevin Lent, Vernon & Mary Ford, Larry Bush, Larry Schadegg, Lillian Anderson, Lillian Johnson, Line Snyder, Lloyd & Ethel A. Wilson, Lois Gaulke, Lou Briscoe Gardiner, Louanne Bailey, Louis "pops" Pulliam, Lynn Lalka & Herman Skaggs, Margaret Jane Dilliard, Margaret Long, Margaret Shick, Margaret and Elmo Bates, Margaret and ElmoBates, Marianne & Joe Duepner, Marie Grant, Martha Johnson, Marty Henkel, Mary Ann Chasen, Mary Ann Fischer, Mary C Lloyd, Mary Distanislao, Mary Ellen Rodine, Mary Helen Saunders, Melba 'granny' Carter, Melba T Carter, Melinda Gatton, Melinda Gatton Kohn, Melinda Kohn, Melvin Yost, Sr., Meriam Kalloz, Merle D. Hollinger, Mike Lacey, Mildred Royston, Mom White, Mr. Quinton "pops" Patterson, Mrs. Allean Strickland, My Dad, Skip Roberts And My Brother Tommy., My Family, My MomSharon Cavanagh, Nelly Ruiz, Nicolas Juron, Norma Bell, Ondras, Nelson Families, Pat Levesque, Pat Woodburn, Patricia Norris, Patrick Nutter, Paul Bradburn, Paul Chaplin, Paula Mcnutt, Peter Curry, Phyllis J. Thomas Barry E. Gordon Team Dre, Phyllis Thomas, Pop And Granny Wheeler, R. Johns, Rachel Ceccini, Rainey Voellinger, Ray Bowles, Renee Sue Sanders, Richard 'dick' Owen, Richard (dick) Howard Owen, Richard A. Wathen Sr., Richard J Love, Richard Love, Richard Owen, Richard Roys, Richard Wathen, Richie Daye, Rick Pelle, Rita Mcwilliams, Robert Raley, Robert Shipe, Robert Weber, Roby Rotenberry; Earl Kennedy; Trevor Pitman, RolandKeech, Rose Bud, Russell & Aurilee Maddox, Ruth Guy, Sam Spalding Jr, Darlene & Chris Schmidt, Sam Spalding Jr., Sam Spalding Jr; Darlene & Chris Schmidt, Sam Spalding, Jr., Samue lKerraghan, Samuel Kerraghan, Sandy Knott And Virginia Abell, Sandy/douglas Rollins, Sanjuana Zarate, Shawn Hoflicn, Sherman (buddy) Joy, Sherman and Melissa, Steve Wagoner, Steven Alan Cusic, Jr., Sue Powell, Susie Bailey, Sylvia, Sylvia Ilona Briscoe, Tamera Hicks, Ted Birch, Thelma Hall, Thelma Levin, Theresa Hayden, Skip Roberts, Tommy Roberts, Tom Servello, Tommy Powell, Uncle Dave, Uncle Joe, Uri A. Carpenter, Jr., Van Vu-nguyen, Vernon Ford, Victoria Brannan Cowell, Virgina Johnson, Virginia Johnson, Walt Sawyer, Wanda Farrell, Wilfrid J Tomann, Will Rehder, William M. Palmer, Jr.

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